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My opera skills, because I love it.

my songs, because they're relevant

my performing because I miss it 

My bilingualism,    because it's still political.

My black belt, because I did karate for years and am a huge nerd.

my agricultural design certification, because  if anything is   actually going  save the world, it's permaculture.

My work as a farm hand in Saskatchewan,  because  even though I'm a city boy from Montreal, I don't mind getting my hands dirty.

My   Family,   because the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

ask me about something, anything really,  I have lots of opinions    and talking to myself got old way early in    the    pandemic. 


if you just want to know more about my past, and get    answers to some of those questions,    you can download my press kit Here: fancy shmancy press kit. 

if you want to know about my present sign up to my news letter,

and if you've seen my future running around out there, would you point me in the right    direction?    I haven't seen it clearly in years and I'm  getting    worried.

But seriously, I'd much rather have  that    conversation, just saying.

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